Butterfly Dance

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"Spectacular scene divided over 8 large pages, alluding to The Tale of Genji with many female Butterfly Dance (Kocho no mai) performers having intercourse with the male members of the imperial court wearing voluptuous headdresses and diadems (11 couples in total!)."

Additional Information

Artist: Koikawa Shozan (1831-1907)

Size: ca. 51 3/4" x 9 3/4" inches.

Date: c.1832.

Series: 'Kagetsu Genji.'

Impression: Fine (with magnificent gaufrage, metallic pigment and black lacquer details!)

Color: Fine

Condition: Near fine (very minor wear and soiling, marks and flaws)

Curiosities: Important erotic interpretation of The Tale of Genji series..!

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