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“A woman who was about to prepare a smoking pipe is being pounced upon by her impatient and excited male lover.”

You can almost hear the bell tinkling above them.

As emphasized by the woman who is holding a red belt tightly in her hand. The folding screen in the background features all kinds of woodblock prints and paintings (depicting daruma’s, a heron...etc.). Most of them have the red signature of the artist of this shunga painting.

These set of unique erotic paintings from Japan are painted on Japanese gampi washi paper. This is a more expensive, thin, smooth, semi-transparent, strong kind of Japanese washi paper. At first glance it looks like a woodblock but is a painting. Only the hair of the protagonists in the images are printed (clearly noticeable!) with wonderful embossing (black burnishing/ glossy black). To some extent the colors of the painting shine through the backside. The red signature is a symbolic reference to sexual intercourse (the two shapes fit in each other). The condition is very good (some minor wrinkling), some have some very minor damage to the corners. They have very fresh colors with the emphasis on red and are very detailed and executed with great expertise.

Original Japanese erotic color painting. Ink, pencil and color on silk. 

Additional Information

Artist: Very skilled anonymous artist

Date: 1920s

Size: ca. 10 1/2” x 7 1/2” inches

Series: NA

Condition: Very good (Very good state with some minor damage)

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