Bickering Lovers

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"A rendezvous between two bickering lovers.”

It is close to the style of the Utagawa school, but not quite. The composition is explicitly designed to display the forcefully erect penis and the smallest detail of the woman's genitalia.

Reference: Vol.4 'Shigenobu, Yanagi no Arashi ' by Yoshikazu Hayashi.

This is the 7th design of the ' Willow Storm' -series.Yoshikazu Hayashi says in Vol.4 Shigenobu, 
Yanagi no Arashi:

"I believe that this particular set, however, is probably not only one of his masterpieces, but should also be included among the best works in Edo shunga history". (Yoshikazu Hayashi in Vol.4 Shigenobu, Yanagi no Arashi)

A wonderful explicit design from one of the most famous oban series in shunga !

Antique Japanese color woodblock. Shunga (Erotic print).

Additional Information

Artist: Yanagawa Shigenobu (1787-1832)

Date: c. 1820s

Size: 10" x 15" inches (Oban yoko-e size)

Series: 'Yanagi no Arashi' (Willow Storm)

Impression: Very good (with gaufrage and metallic pigments)

Color: Very good

Condition: Very good (Colors slightly faded, very slightly soiled, slight centerfold, minor marks and flaws otherwise very good state)

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