Oiran With Aristocratic Client

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“An excellent piece with a client of aristocratic stature entering a high-class courtesan.”

An amusing detail is the woman's left foot encouraging the man's rythm. Look for magnificent use of gold pigments on the folding screen behind them depicting noh (a traditional Japanese musical drama that dates from the 14th Century) dancers.

Antique Japanese color woodblock. Shunga (lit. Spring picture).

Additional Information

Artist: Yoshimori Utagawa (1830-1884)

Date: c.1848

Size: 13 2/3" x 9 1/2" inches (Obon size)

Series: 'Tsu uki hana shi no toma '

Impression: Fine (Excellent use of metallic pigment)

Color: Fine

Condition: Near fine (Some very minimal dirt in margins, minor marks and flaws otherwise wonderful state)

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