Lesbian couple

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“Lesbian couple wearing a tortoise-shell tagaigata (double-sided dildo) have found sensual inspiration after reading a shunga book.”

An amusing detail besides the opened shunga books and the many crumpled tissues that accentuate their insatiable passion, is how their hair-pins cross each other during their sensual kissing.

Very rare theme!

Antique Japanese color woodblock. Shunga (Erotic print). 

Additional Information

Artist: Important member of the Utagawa school

Date: c. 1850

Size: : 5" x  3 2/3" inches (Koban yoko-e size)

Series:  NA

Impression: Fine (with gold pigments)

Color: Fine

Condition: Fine (Minor marks and flaws only)

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$865,00 $692,00