Couple On Verandah

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“On a verandah, an excited man with a cloth in his mouth, is seducing his wife.”

The woman wears strikingly beautiful hair-pins which are an indication of her noble descent.

A fantastic piece from a very rare and recently discovered shunga series from an up to now unknown but important artist (it could very well be designed by Kunisada) most probably commissioned by a wealthy merchant.

This whole series will be displayed for the first time at the shunga exhibition of the British Museum which will be held early 2014.

Antique Japanese color woodblock by a very important pupil of the Utagawa school.

Additional Information

Artist: Utagawa school

Date: c.1833

Size: 13 1/4" x 8 3/4" inches (Obon size)

Series: ‘Enseki zasshi’

Impression: Fine (Very highly detailed carving with excellent metallic details)

Color: Very good

Condition: very good (Unbacked, faint vertical centerfold, minor wear and soiling, marks and flaws)

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