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The 'Genji of the East (Azuma Genji)'- series belongs to the best shungawork Kunisada designed and were probably commisioned by a wealthy merchant. One feels that these are brief and very intense love scenes, judging from the character's facial expressions and the muscle tension in their bodies.

 “This design includes a magnifying glass cartouche that offers an interior view of their coupling.”

The Genji of the East -series by Kunisada is well known for the several unusual, close-up designs in a style that was never before seen prior to this series. These unique designs deviate from the traditional style of shunga, excluding the faces and figures of the lovers and focusing in whole on their sexual anatomy.

Additional Information

Artist: Utagawa Kunisada

Date: c.1837    

Size: 10" x 7 1/3" inches

Series: Genji of the East, Charm of Flowers and Birds (Kachõ yojõ Azuma Genji)

Impression: Excellent (with extensive use of gaufrage and silver and gold pigments)

Color: Fine 

Condition: Very good. (Two very tiny wormholes (almost invisible!), some very tiny binding holes (border only!), minor wear and soiling, thinly backed. Minor marks and flaws)

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