Ghost Scene - Vernal Love

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“A marvellous image representing the mythical figure Minamoto no Yorimasa who is transfigured from the painting (look at the white spots!) into the male body and making love to a female deity.”

She is holding a lotus flower. The tattoo on the left arm of the deity most probably is one of Kunisada’s hidden signatures.

Reference: p.68 and 105 (Fig.138) in Strangers in Paradise by Richard Lane.

This whole series is also described and portrayed in the book A Harlot’s Account of Vernal Love: A Journal of Defloration (Shunjo gidan mizuagecho), published by D.M. Richardson (1994).

One of the best Kunisada designs in this series !  Very rare !

Original antique Japanese color woodblock print. Shunga (Spring picture). 

Additional Information

Artist: Utagawa Kunisada (1786–1865)

Date: Tenpo era, 7th year, 1836

Size: 10 4/5” x 8 2/3” inches

Series: Shunjo gidan mizuage cho (A Harlot's Account of Vernal Love). Text by Tanehiko Ryutei.

Impression: Fine (Magnificent use of metallic printing)

Color: Fine

Condition: Near fine (Only some minor wear and soiling)

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