Surrealistic Masterpiece Featuring Westerners, Vulva Statue, Soldiers...etc.

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“This compelling surrealistic fantasy scene by Kyosai depicts imperial officers in European dress having sex with woman, all but one clad in kimono.”

The background is also very curious: there are four standing soldiers, a strange god-like vulva or vulva-like statue, three foreigners with erect penises conversing and to the left, a foreign woman smoking a pipe .”

Reference:  p.229 (Fig.96a) in Japanese Erotic Fantasies: Sexual Imagery of the Edo Period Art by Chris Uhlenbeck.

Among the best shunga designs we have ever come across !

Original antique Japanese color woodblock.

Additional Information

Artist: Kawanabe KyÁ…sai  æ²³éâ€¹ 暁æ–Ž ( 1831 ~ 1889 )

Date: 1867

Size: ca. 16 4/5” x 7” inches

Series: Kiyomizu tsuya monogatari (Tale of a Night in Kiyomizu)

Impression: Excellent (with numerous printing details!)

Color: Fine

Condition: Fine (In a wonderful state with minutely detailed surimono style like printing such as various gauffrage and metallic pigment details)

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