Vast Room

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“A rare double image, covering four pages.”

It shows the inside of a vast room crowded with geishas going about a thousand chores, entertaining their clients, carrying trays laden with platters of food. One of the geishas is carrying an instrument case. On the far right two courtesans are spying through an opening in the wall following the activities in the other room while two of their colleagues in the foreground exchange tittle-tattle about it.

Antique Japanese color woodblock. Shunga (Erotic print).

Additional Information

Artist: Utagawa Kuniyoshi (1797–1861)

Date: c.1837

Size: 20 2/3” x 8 3/4” inches

Series: ‘Shunshoku Irifune Cho’

Impression: Fine (with embossing and gold and silver pigments!)

Color: Very good

Condition: Very good (Minor soiling, marks and flaws only!)

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