The Seven Lucky Gods

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“A colorful scene depicting the seven lucky gods with from above left Daikokuten (god of wealth), underneath him with the long forehead, Fukurokuju (god of happiness). Next to him in the middle Jurojin (god of longevity), then Benzaiten (goddess of knowledge) and behind her Bishamonten (god of warriors). In the right below corner Hotei (god of abundance) and Ebisu (god of fishers and merchants) on the below left side.”

Additional Information

Original Japanese color woodblock print by Utagawa Kunitora (1804-1740). 

Series: 'Fashionable Men of the Zodiac Year (Imayo toshi-otoko)'

Size: 10 2/3" x 8 1/2" inches.

Date: c.1827 

Impression: Fine (with wonderful use of metallic pigments)

Color: Very good

Condition:Very good (Very minor wear and soiling, marks and flaws.)

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