Giant Male Genitals

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“The queen of The Island of Women and her older maiden admire the man's private parts.”

This scenes are inspired by Utagawa Kunimaro's 1850s shungabook series 'Nyogo no Shima (Takara) Irifune' (The Island of Women and the Treasure Ship). The designs are characterized by their western 'presences', like those of the sailing vessels in the backgrounds. 
The story is about three sailors who got on board at Shinaga, but their boat got shipwrecked and they drifted to an island inhabited by exotic beauties.

Additional Information

Artist: Koikawa Shozan

Date: c.1860 (Meiji Period)

Size: 8 3/4" x 7 1/10" inches

Series: Neya no nakadachi

Impression: Excellent (Wonderful use of gold and silver pigments, bokashi shading and gaufrage)

Color: Excellent

Condition: Fine (Thin backing and minor staining. Very minor marks and flaws)

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