Crowded All-Nighter At The Yoshiwara Brothel

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“A four-panel shunga fold-out piece featuring an orgy scene with activities in four spaces.”

The intimate male in the left cormer is opening the sliding window behind him to check on the two 
excited females in the background. They are secretly peeking on the horny couple in the backroom.

Original antique Japanese color woodblock. Shunga (Erotic picture).

Additional Information

Artist: Koikowa Shozan (1821–1907)

Date: c.1854

Size: 16 1/8” x 6 2/3” inches

Series: : ‘Shakahasso zoyumatte bunko.’
Impression: Fine (with elaborate gauffrage and metallic pigment details)

Color: Very good

Condition: Very good (Some small wormhole repairs, some small skillful restorations, minor staining, marks and flaws. The panels are attached with a thin millimeters–wide strip of washi paper.)

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