Tongue Kissing

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“Great design with a courtesan having intercourse with a regular (the tongue kissing is an indication!) client underneath a green blanket.”

The objects such as the tobacco pouch on the box behind them and the books laying near the woman’s head are ‘silent witnesses’ of their pre coital activities. Look for Hokusai’s deliberate placement (a well-known stylistic addition of his!) of the blanket in the composition exposing the couple’s genitalia!

Tamakazura is one of Hokusai’s more obscure, less publicized book series. The title is apparently an allusion to Tamakazura (also known as Jeweled Flower Wreath), chapter 22 in the Tale of Genji.

Antique Japanese color woodblock. Shunga (Spring picture).

Additional Information

Artist: Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1849)

Date: c.1820

Size10 1/5" x 8 3/4" inches

Series: Tamakazura (The Jeweled Wig)

Impression: Fine (Beautiful use of metallic pigments and embossing on the blanket)

Color: Fine

Condition: Very good (Very minor wear and soiling, some very tiny wormholes)

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