Rape Tied Woman

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 “A highly realistic and shocking portrait of rape with an unshaven rogue penetrating a tied and desperate woman.”

While his victim is in despair he calmly bites in one of her nipples. The woman’s particular hairdo is an indication of her high-class status.”

Antique Japanese color woodblock. Shunga (Erotic print).

Additional Information

Artist: Tomioka Eisen (1864–1905)

Date: c.1890s (Meiji Period)

Size: 10 2/3” x 8 1/2” inches (Chuban yoko-e size)

Series: NA

Impression: Fine (with use of metallic pigments and gaufrage)

Color: Vivid

Condition: Near Fine (Some traces of dirt and some staining. No backing and full size)

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