Female Warriors Fight On The Roof

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“A marvelous image featuring a male samurai fighting off three determined swordswomen on a roof.”

The dynamics of the scene are emphasized by the portrayal of one of the women partly out of the frame and the flowing horizontal lines of the roof. The wonderful use of pearl mica powder to the dark blue roof adds a dazzling glossy effect.

This series is discussed in detail by the eminent shunga expert Yoshikazu Hayashi in The Complete Ukiyo-e Shunga (Vol.6) which includes all the illustrated pages in these books.

Reference: p.163 (Ill.16) in Encyclopedia of Japanese Erotic Art: Shunga (Vol.2) by Ofer Shagan.

Original antique Japanese color woodblock. Shunga (Erotic picture).

Additional Information

Artist: Utagawa Kunisada (1786-1865)

Date: c.1837 (New Year)

Size: 11 2/5” x 9” inches

Series: : ‘Koi no Yatsu Fuji’ (lit.‘The Love of Yatsufuji’)

Impression: Fine (With exquisite pigment, embossing details and color)

Color: Fine

Condition: Near fine (Very small thinning spot in the margin otherwise in a very nice state !)

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